Morocco Travel Advices

Passport: must be valid for a minimum of 6 months


  • Important airports for tourist from Europe are Agadir, Marrakesch and Casablanca.
  • On the airplane you will have to fill in a form for entering the country (carte de débarquement).
  • The completed form and your passport have to be submitted at the check point.
  • When leaving the country you once more have to fill in a form distributed near the check-in counter

Time difference: minus 1 hour

Vaccinations: Recommended is a vaccination for Tetanus and Polio. Current advice and tips are provided by the Federal Foreign Office on the Internet.

Electrical devices: Supply voltage is 220 volt. You will find plugs everywhere operable with European devices and gadgets. To be on the safe side you can take along an adapter for Eastern Europe.

Security: Morocco is a relatively safe country for convenient travelling, but you should keep an eye on your belongings (best would be attaching valuables to the body when staying in a crowded area such as markets etc.


  • light long pair of trousers and long- sleeved shirts
  • warm pullover and a jacket for the evenings/nights
  • trekking shoes or trainers
  • sandales showing a heavy sole profile

Sun protection:

  • sun glasses
  • sun protection (creame, oil, spray)
  • head covering such as a scarf (a long scarf can be drapped by a Berber which will protect your face and the neck

Other useful utensiles:

  • a torch
  • field glasses
  • a sleeping bag(insulated for a temperature up to minus 5 degrees)
  • pocket knife
  • water bottle
  • medicine according to your personal needs